Barabbas - Son of the Father

“Not this man! Give us Barabbas.”

Barabbas, bar abbas, Bar-abbâ, literally, “Son of the father.”

Literally, “Not this man! We want the son of the father!”

An ironic reminder for us that we far too often ignore God’s answer to our prayer because we have in mind the answer the way we want it to look.

Me: “Jesus, I desire to be speak with you!” Jesus: “Here are friends, family, strangers, and enemies for you to speak kindly to.” Me: “Man these people are annoying. I wonder why Jesus doesn’t listen to my prayers?”

Me: “Jesus, grant me this happiness.” Jesus: “Do not be content with that fleeting happiness. Endure this short trial and your happiness will increase 100-fold.” Me: “Jesus, why don’t you want me to be happy?”

Me: “Jesus, why do you allow all this suffering?” Jesus: “I have given you hands and feet, intellect and will to help ease the suffering of others.” Me: “Doesn’t He care?”

I’m basically the Veruca Salt of the spiritual realm.

I’m hoping and praying that I get better though. I fear that I may have been one of those crying out for the “Son of the father” and not recognized Him because of the way He looked: covered in blood for my sake.