Can we vote for Herod?

Shepherd 1: “Herod says if he’s elected, he’ll kill every male child under 2.”

Shepherd 2: “Yep. Crazy, right?”

S1: “So who are you voting for?”

S2: “Herod.”

S1: “Wait what?!?!?”

S2: “He’s really good on a lot of other issues.”

S1: “…He wants to KILL all the baby boys.”

S2: “I know. I’m not saying I’m voting for him BECAUSE of that. Look. You are the one who has the problem. You’re being a one issue voter. Yeah, ok, he’s not the best on the whole slaughtering-all-the-children issue, but he really follows a lot of Leviticus. Like, he never wears clothes from two different kinds of thread [Lv. 19:19]. See? It’s all about proportionate reasons.”

S1: “I’m not sure the Sanhedrin have done a great job explaining proportionality…”