Cap'N Crunch and True Romance

I eat CAP'N CRUNCH with Crunch Berries for breakfast. First, because it's like manna from heaven, but also because I have the palate of a 6 year old.

Yesterday, after my wife went shopping, I noticed an empty box of "Oops! All Berries" in the trash. You can imagine my confusion, friends. After all, everyone knows that "Oops! All Berries" is a ridiculous contrivance dreamed up by some corporate suit somewhere. We CAP'N CRUNCH connoisseurs know that the fruitiness of the berry must be perfectly balanced against the buttery goodness of the corn pieces.

Bewildered, I asked her about the empty box. She informed me that the store was out of the CAP'N CRUNCH with Crunch Berries box--"The Yellow Box" to those in the know--so she bought the "Oops! All Berries" box *and* the regular Red Box, and mixed them together! Now friends, she didn't just pour all the berries in, and then all the regular pieces. No! She carefully mixed them together in the perfect proportion just like the Yellow Box, like some kind of master chef! Gordon Ramsay himself would have been proud.

Friends, don't believe the Hollywood idea of romance. Shows like "the Bachelor" give the impression that "real love" is about taking someone on a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain or parachuting into a 5-star restaurant. Some people think that romantic gestures are only these big over the top things. But I think those are often times the easiest things to do. The hard thing to do is remember the tiny things in life. The small gestures. The things done for the beloved that are so small, they might not even notice them. It turns out the smallest things are the greatest signs of love because it requires the greatest love to notice the smallest things about the beloved.

You can have your helicopter ride over the Andes. I'll be over here enjoying my CAP'N CRUNCH, which my wife made for me, just because she thought it would bring a smile to my face.