Creation is a fractal

Turns out God is pretty good at designing stuff. The amount of information that DNA can store is mind bogglingly huge. “How huge is huge?” I’m glad you asked. Suppose you had one gram of DNA. You know about 0.03 ounces. What could you store in that? Well suppose you wanted to store a Blu Ray copy of every movie ever made. Could you do it? Ha. That’s nothing. Throw it in! How about every YouTube video? Not a problem. Every Facebook picture, video, post ever made? Throw it in too.

Turns out you’ve got 455 exabytes per gram. Exabytes? Yes. 1000 megabytes in a gigabyte. 1000 gigabyte in a terabyte. 1000 terabytes in a petabyte. 1000 petabytes in a exabyte. 1 gram of DNA can hold 10 billion Blu Ray discs. A couple grams could easily store the entire internet.

So pretty big.

I love this because creation is like a fractal. No matter what level you look at it, from the vast expanse of space, down to the microscopic DNA scale, from every vantage you can explore and marvel at the sheer beauty and design present at that scale in creation. There simply isn’t any building block in creation that isn’t lovely and awe inspiring in itself and then as a part of a greater whole. How lovely and awe inspiring then must the Builder be?