Indulgence for Kissing Wife's Wedding Ring

How awesome is this?

“Indulgence for Kissing Wife’s Wedding Ring

In order to encourage conjugal love and fidelity, especially in these times when the natural and divine rights of married life are the object of such frequent and such disgraceful attacks, His Holiness John XXIII by divine Providence Pope, willingly acceding to the petition presented to him by the undersigned Cardinal Major Penitentiary in the Audience granted to him on the 21st of November of this year, graciously deigned to grant, that:

Married couples who on piously kissing the wife’s wedding ring either separately or both together, devoutly recite with at least a contrite heart the invocation: “Grant us, Lord, that loving Thee we may love each other and live according to Thy holy law,” or another similar invocation, can gain a partial Indulgence of three hundred days once on their wedding day. All things to the contrary notwithstanding.

Given at Rome from the Sacred Penitentiary, the 23rd day of November 1959.”