On the solar eclipse

A total solar eclipse is considered to be one of the most incredibly beautiful sights in nature.

Stop for a second to consider the fact that the sun and moon have to be darn near the exact same relative size in the sky to make this beauty possible. There’s no scientific explanation or necessity why it should be the case that they are. Indeed, astronomers haven’t observed any examples of this type of perfect moon/sun relationship elsewhere. The official explanation is: there is no explanation, it’s just a very lucky coincidence.

I would rather believe that God simply never tires of ways of delighting us.

Jesus tells us that we should become like little children, and to be perfect, as His Father is perfect. It is the delightful things in nature like this that make me realize that God is, in a sense, childlike. Children create little drawings and run to their parents exclaiming: “Look! Look at what I’ve made for you!” God does the same. He took the entire universe, and fashioned it in a way that we would find pleasing and beautiful. In doing so, He too exclaims, “Look! Look at what I’ve made for you!”