The world's upside down

In every country (but 1) in the entire world, it is illegal to execute a pregnant woman. Note that the law in NONE of these countries says something like, “So, therefore, the state will forcibly abort the woman’s child and THEN the death sentence will be carried out.” Of course not. Think about that for a second. The state in every country in the world acknowledges that, even though they may have enough power over a person’s body to cause their death, this power stops when there is a second life involved. Now consider that the UK court has ordered a forced abortion of a woman against her will due to her mental capacity. If this woman had committed murder in any country of the world, her body and the body of her unborn child would be safe. Rights that the state considers sacrosanct, even for a murderer, are being denied to this woman based on her mental capacity. #TheWorldIsUpsideDown