This is my new favorite thing

This is my new favorite thing.

“Gathered in the square are many members of the Confraternity of St. Mary of Loreto, dressed in a white surplice and cordon with a green cape, carrying statues.

At 11.30 am, two statues of St. Peter and St. John are carried into the Square, being the two Apostles who were the first to see the empty tomb. The Statues move toward St. Philip Church: under the three arches we can see the Statue of the Resurrected Christ, which is set on a red baldachin.

Meanwhile, the two Saints knock on the Church main door to announce the Resurrection to the Virgin, and She, still dressed in black clothes, comes out incredulous after three announcements. Out of the door She moves toward the place marked by the Apostles who follow Her. Opposite the Fountain, the Virgin Mary sees Christ, She leaves her black clothes, unveiling a shining green dress and a red rose, while 12 doves start flying in the air. At noon, the Virgin Mary begins its run, to the applause of the people, the notes of the band and the firing of “mortaretti” (small cardboard cylinders full of gunpowder). Arrived in front of the Christ, the brothers embrace themselves, coming often to not hold back the tears with emotion.”