To priests who are discouraged by the noise of children at Mass

To priests who are discouraged by the noise of children at Mass.

Dear (I mean that) Priests that might read this: The Mass is the re-presentation of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Golgotha was noisy too: with the wails of the women at the foot of the cross, and the jeers and curses of the onlookers. Today, the Sacrifice may again be noisy, with the wails of babies whose mothers again stand at the foot of the cross. They stand with their children next to Mary as she stands by her Child. They strive to comfort their children as Mary comforts her’s. You stand in persona Christi; they in persona Mariae.

There was noise at that Sacrifice.

There still is.

But remember, dear priest, of all the noises Christ heard while on the cross, the sound of His mother being near was the one that surely brought him the greatest comfort.

No doubt today these mothers bring Him joy, for they bring their children to be with Him on the cross.

Then, when this noise may become distracting, may you remember that the sound of a child being comforted by his mother is a joy to Our Lord. May you remember that these Marys brought their Johns to see Him and be with Him. They repeat to their little ones, “Do whatever He tells you.” They wish for nothing more than to have their little ones put their heads upon the Heart of Our Lord like John. Remember that the suffering of a child is the suffering of the mother. These mothers offer and unite their suffering to Christ’s. They are the Monicas, the Ritas, the Giannas. They know more keenly than anyone the shortcomings their children might have; that is why they bring them to Christ.

It may be noisy on Golgotha today, dear priest, but if you hear it, may you remember that some of that noise may be the sound of a Mary whispering to her child, “I am here with you.”