What 'The Fumble' taught me about Charity

There is a famous Cleveland Browns play known as “The Fumble.” I was 9 years old. I distinctly remember watching this game. I remember jumping up in the air as Byner fell into the endzone, thinking he had scored a touchdown, and realizing before my feet hit the ground that he had actually fumbled.

I also remember being angry at Byner watching him sit on the sidelines, on his helmet, completely alone. And then Bernie Kosar walked up to him, and gave him a hug: 

I remember thinking then, and still think to this day, that simple act showed both true compassion, and true leadership. Sometimes it’s easiest to see someone’s true character at their lowest moment. It’s worth watching the whole video after the fumble to see how Kosar walks along the bench talking to his team.

Not to pick on Tom Brady, but he said this week, “I don’t think I’ve ever been so visibly pissed off after a loss.” And you really could see that in Brady. Compare his countenance to Kosar’s. In the end, when I think back to the effect that Kosar’s actions had on me, I think I can honestly and surprisingly claim: I’d rather lose with a Kosar than win with a Brady.