Where are these pro-choice signs?

It’s odd that you see a lot of women at pro-life marches with signs that say things like, “I regret my abortion,” but you don’t seem to ever see signs at pro-choice marches that say “I regret having my child,” or “I wish my child was never born.” Can’t Planned Parenthood (sic) find some mothers who would make a commercial to say: “I decided to carry the child to term. It was a difficult choice I made with my doctor. And I regret it. I wish every day that little Mary here had never been born.” They MUST be out there, right? After all, if they AREN’T out there, then that would mean that carrying the child to term was the right decision for ALL those women. But…wouldn’t that mean it’s just the right choice…always? #HeadExplodes #MarchForLife