Aug 13, 2021Liked by Tim Clark

Again, another beautifully written and touching piece. May God continue to bless your writing ministry and your wonderful family. You are a gift.

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Aug 15, 2021Liked by Tim Clark

Lovely piece Tim, and Oh so true!!

For anyone who does not know this particular scripture reference, it is Genesis 3:16, and I have always felt it is an amazing (and wonderful!), 'coincidence' - (if you believe in coincidences, that is!) - that the other very important New Testament reference concerning unconditional sacrificial love, John 3:16, deals with the very same totally selfless love of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, in giving His very self for love of us - just as the mother gives of herself to her other gift from God. A point I would love to see you develop at some stage, Tim, if you would. I'm sure you could do it far better than I. God bless all.

Ray - Portsmouth - UK

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